Marietta, Georgia Desktop Support Engineer – Tier 3


Role Overview:


As a Senior IT Systems Engineer, you will play a crucial role in overseeing, maintaining, and supporting our clients’ IT infrastructure and back-end services. This position focuses on resolving complex issues escalated from lower-tier support groups and collaborating with project teams for seamless service delivery. Your responsibilities include addressing client change requests, offering infrastructure improvement suggestions, and actively contributing to the development and maintenance of procedures and standards.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Ticketing:

    • Assess and resolve high-impact escalations from support teams, ensuring timely resolution.
    • Address client change requests related to IT infrastructure and services.
    • Provide exemplary customer service to meet and exceed customer satisfaction metrics.
    • Collaborate with lower-tier support groups to monitor, manage, and maintain client infrastructure and back-end services.
    • Thoroughly document client infrastructure for reference and knowledge sharing.
    • Identify and recommend changes, upgrades, and new services for clients.
  2. Continuous Process Improvement:

    • Work with management to define and implement new processes, procedures, and services, enhancing overall service delivery.
    • Identify, refine, and promote best practices in deliverables, processes, and knowledge sharing.
    • Contribute to the knowledge base to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.
    • Pursue at least one relevant certification per year in alignment with company needs and personal development.
  3. Other Responsibilities/Expectations:

    • Attend company functions, meetings, community service events, and social gatherings to set an example for other employees and foster team building.
    • Actively seek opportunities for professional skills advancement through classes, seminars, webinars, events, and self-study.
    • Contribute to Abel Solutions’ marketing efforts through blog posts, insights, or other channels, including social media.
    • Assist Abel Solutions leadership with assigned activities and tasks.

Experience Requirements:

  • 6–8+ years of relevant work experience.

Required Skills:

  • High-level IT certifications (Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL, etc.).
  • Proficiency in modern IT systems, hardware, infrastructure, and services.
  • Demonstrated persistence, willingness to learn, and adaptability.
  • Professional appearance and work ethic.
  • Strong capacity to multi-task with excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

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