Boynton Beach, Florida Director, Human Resources

The  Director, Human Resources will lead all person-related functions of the corporation in accordance with the ethical and social consciences of business and society, the laws, rules, and administrative decisions of governmental organizations and other regulatory and advisory organizations, and the administrative rules of the firm. In addition, the job holder will be responsible for strategic human resource planning to ensure that the company has the greatest human capital possible and is seen as the preferred employer by keeping up with industry policies, practices, and trends.


  • The human resource function and performance are planned, developed, organized, implemented, directed, and evaluated. The organization’s plans and programs are translated into HR strategic and operational plans, particularly from the perspective of people’s impact. Be a strategic partner who is particularly concerned with the consequences of human resources on the company’s strategic and operational plans.


  • Long-range planning for new programs/strategies and regulatory action can affect the organization’s people resources by attracting, retaining, developing, and motivating them.


  • Develops staffing strategies and implementation plans and programs to identify talent within and outside the organization for positions of responsibility. Furthermore, identifies appropriate and effective external sources for candidates for all levels within the organization


  • Develop compensation and benefits programs to provide motivation, incentives, and rewards for performance that is effective and progressive.


  • Develops human resource planning models to identify competency, knowledge, and talent gaps and develop programs to address them. In order to fill the identified gaps, programs will be developed to manage talent, succession planning for key contributors and managers, training and development initiatives to prepare employees for more demanding duties, and business development initiatives.


  • Continuously evaluates all of its programs and practices against comparable companies, industries, and markets in terms of competitiveness.


  • Develop appropriate policies and programs for managing people resources effectively. Employee relations, affirmative action, sexual harassment, employee complaints, external education and career development, among others, are included in this category.




  • Excellent computer skills, expertise in Excel, Word, and Outlook, and excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Organizational effectiveness and operations management using best practices is explained, along with knowledge and experience.
  • Demonstrated leadership and vision in managing employee groups and major initiatives or initiatives is illustrated.
  • A master’s degree or equivalent education and experience is required, or 10 to 15 years of related experience and/or training.

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