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In all companies, people are the most vital resource. We believe it is our calling not only to place you in a position based on your talents and skills, but also to ensure you fit the company culture. Our goal is to know you, your skills, talents and personal strengths. We are your advocates to the employers of sought-after positions. We communicate to these clients what sets you apart and which career paths fit you best.

We are here to support you through your career transition, every step of the way. You will receive our guidance throughout the challenging interview process and exciting offer stage, including how to obtain the compensation that reflects your value. Consider us your “Career Agent,” your personal representative who is just as passionate as you are about your future success. You may be the one making the moves, but you’re not alone in this process.

What People are Saying

"Kevin-Not sure if I said thank you prior to this, but THANK YOU! This transition has been life-changing for me and my family and wouldn't have been possible without your initial phone call. I had the chance to pull the CEO aside at leadership training a few weeks ago and ask if he thought they were getting what they expected from me and he said "Absolutely!" He was more concerned if I was getting everything I needed - which I am.

So - just thought I should shoot you that quick note and express my appreciation. Thanks!



“Recruitment is a blend of art and science -- and David brings both.  He knows the technical aspects to how to get the job opening widely "broadcast," how to position the company/organization so that  candidates will be attracted to the organization, he has an outstanding  instinct for what would work with an organization ---- and, he is a great listener!”


“Kasey is a real professional. He introduced me to an exciting and growing company that generated an on-site interview…an interview I would never have received without Kasey’s help. His assistance with preparation was on-point, and all communication with Kasey has been timely, pertinent, and honest. I recommend Kasey to anyone looking for a new opportunity”


“The Newell Group, and specifically Riley, has done a tremendous job in helping us fill our O&P practitioner needs, to include multiple leadership positions. We had very specific profiles that we were looking for in these roles and Riley worked tirelessly and searched far and wide to find us perfect fits! Thanks to Riley and the Newell Group, we were able to continue to focus on our business while they took care of our recruiting needs."

Matt, HR Specialist for large O&P private practice/Client

“We recently started working with David at The Newell Group for our recruitment needs and he was able to find a neurologist who was an excellent fit for our group, within a short period of time. This had been a difficult search and we were very pleased that they were able to find us an excellent candidate in such a short time. David is responsive to our needs and is easy to work with.”

Dr. B., DO/Client

"I first worked with the Newell Group following my residency and have worked with them once since. Every time I speak with anyone in the group, I am impressed with their openness and interest in what sort of position I am looking for - both in a practice and a location. They have worked hard to match me with positions which challenge me to grow in my clinical and business skill sets but also allow me to bring my outside knowledge to the practice. I have recommended multiple people to work with the Newell group and continue to enjoy keeping in touch with them even after my placement."

Haley, CPO/Candidate

What value do we provide to our candidates?

We know the most influential figures in today’s leading companies. We gain insight from these power players to learn what attributes they are seeking in their next hire. With this knowledge we can help you set yourself apart for your interviews, painting a clear picture of the success possible with you as a team member. When you choose us, we showcase the leadership potential our clients will gain when they make you an offer. We successfully place people in roles from managers to CEOs for all types of career opportunities. From contract-based to permanent placement, we can help you evaluate which path aligns with your goals.


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