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Locating and placing the correct candidate is never an easy task, but it is our passion. Our proven research and assessment methods can infuse your company with talent to deliver your objectives and fulfill your mission. The Newell Group uses a unique and streamlined methodology, built upon a combination of over 60 years of recruiting experience within the global marketplace.

We believe our company is an extension of yours, prompting us to become thoroughly familiar with your company, people, product, work environment and culture. A candidate's first impression of your company often comes from us. We strive to be great ambassadors of your employment brand. We take the time to get to know your specific needs and are flexible enough to know that your needs and priorities can change quickly.

What We Offer

Retained Search

Utilize our top priority search with a dedicated search team when your hiring situation is in high demand, urgent, sensitive, or highly confidential. Our retained search offers more resources to identify winning candidates quicker. We serve as your direct recruiting resource for the best possible placement. Our commitment is unparalleled and includes a team of recruiters, an extended guarantee and flexible payment terms. Your investment is paid throughout the process based on the anticipated base salary.

Financially-Committed Search

Employ our high priority search with precedence over contingency searches to capitalize on our recruiting experience in a timely manner. A dedicated recruiter will specifically target the most qualified individuals that deliver your most critical needs. Receive this higher priority based on mutual commitment and cooperation in finding your ideal candidate. Payment is conveniently split into an initial search fee and final placement fee upon employment based on base salary.

Contingency Search

Use our contingency search solution when your need is not urgent or your objective is to scan the marketplace for candidates who most closely match your company’s ongoing needs. We continue to provide our proven search methodology and extensive experience to provide you successful options. This search assures that the fee is not earned until our candidate is hired. A shorter guarantee is usually assigned with a contingency search.

Contract Staffing

Apply our depth of contacts to your short-term needs with contract staffing. We understand that contract and short-term employees are just as vital to your company as long-term. Our contract staffing candidates are given the same consideration as our other hiring searches to ensure that the placement is completed in a professional and precise manner.

Get More.

Delivering skilled and dedicated talent isn’t where our commitment to you ends. At The Newell Group, we continue interactions with our placements to assist you in promoting successful onboarding and communication as they transition. We will not only help your organization grow by making great placements, but also strengthen its existing framework by staying in contact, ensuring you are properly equipped to meet future challenges with confidence. As experienced recruitment professionals, we know the reasons people leave positions. We can help you build a positive work environment to reduce the loss of valued team members, putting your company on the best possible footing in the least amount of time.


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