By Jessica Adamee | , A Guide to Reference Checks

Employer Ref. Check

A reference check is a step some companies choose to complete the final stage of an interview process. Essentially a reference check is a final step to cross the “t’s” and dot the “i’s”.

While most companies believe reference checks are outdated, many still rely on them to make the final determination of whether they’ll extend an offer or move on to alternative candidates. Reference represent a sort of hiring security. References reveal a list of individuals who can be called upon to verify a candidate’s ability to execute the job which they’ve applied.

The goal of a reference check is to confirm the assumption and understanding of who you think the candidate really is as a person and as a professional. Use the following questions as a guideline for checking a candidate’s references:

  1. Can you confirm the relationship to the candidate and employment dates?
  2. What were their responsibilities?
  3. How was their punctuality and attendance?
  4. Would you recommend this person?
  5. Would you rehire this person?

The hiring process in most companies has become so fluid these days that the process continually reinvents itself. Whether or not your company still uses reference checks or is looking for new ways to optimize the hiring process, it’s important to determine what data is valuable and the impact it has on your hiring success.

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