By Jake Stavrakas | First Blog of 2023

New Years Goal

As we say goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023, it is the perfect time to get a temperature check on your last business year and set new goals for the year ahead. Whatever industry or role you are in currently, setting goals is a great way to improve your work this year.

Reset for a Successful New Year

You have all heard “New Year New Me” when people are setting their goals for the year. Resolutions do not have to be only personal, they can be professional. This is the perfect time to start fresh, set new goals, and challenge yourself to become better incrementally. By setting workplace resolutions, you can focus on what matters most to you and help you stay on track.

The best way to set and achieve workplace resolutions is to break them down into manageable chunks. This will help you stay focused on the big picture and the micro goals, which help to make the big picture even more pronounced. At the end of the year, you can also look back and keep a great log of what you accomplished for the entire year. It can be hard to think of everything you did during the past 12 months especially if you had many small projects or goals. But, just like in a math class, it’s nice to have something that can help you show your work to yourself, your employer, and potential employers.

Setting Goals

Setting workplace resolutions or goals monthly or quarterly will help you stay on track and stay motivated. By breaking down your goals into smaller, more manageable chunks, you will be able to stay focused and prioritize those in small increments.

Start by setting a few goals that you want to achieve each month. Make sure they are realistic and achievable, and that they align with your long-term goals. A good way to generate some ideas is to talk with coworkers in your department about what they are doing for the next business year. Keep a record of the goals you want to accomplish and the progression of said goals as you work. Keeping a detailed record as you progress through the month and year it will help you get a better understanding of your productivity in the office for the year.

Once you have your monthly goals set, make sure you have the plan to achieve them. Incrementally setting these goals can help keep you on track and will make it easier to stay motivated and focused. After each month when setting new goals, look at the goals for the previous month and evaluate them. Ask yourself how did I do? What can I do better next month?  Alternatively, what did I do that worked well?

Tips for Achieving Workplace Goals

Now that you have your goals set, staying focused and motivated to achieve them is important. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track:

Set a schedule: Setting a schedule will help you stay on track and make sure you’re making progress. Make sure to set realistic goals and timelines, and make sure to set aside time to work on your goals every day. Keeping a good schedule can help with this, by allocating time to work on projects on specific days and times to really help you knock them out bit by bit.

Track your progress: Tracking your progress will help you stay motivated and will help you identify what tasks you need to focus on. This will also help you stay organized and make sure you’re on track to reach your goals.

Celebrate your successes: Celebrating your successes is a great way to stay motivated and reward yourself for your hard work. Celebrating your successes will also help you stay focused and motivated to keep going. Even small goals need to be celebrated in some way; this could be treating yourself to a nice dinner or buying something small for yourself as a way to say a good job!

Tools: Many goal-setting apps can help you stay organized, track your progress, and stay motivated. Another option is a good old fashion journal or planner. Writing a few steps that you can achieve down on a calendar can really make a substantial difference. By chunking it even further into day-by-day goals it can make those goals seem less daunting.

Accountability Partners: Accountability partners can be a great way to stay motivated and stay on track with your goals. Connecting with an accountability partner can give you the support and motivation you need to stay focused and reach your goals. This can be a close coworker, maybe even a spouse or loved one you can talk to about what you are achieving. Saying a goal aloud to another person really can help keep you accountable for the goals you want to achieve.


Setting and achieving workplace resolutions quarterly is a great way to stay organized, motivated, and focused on your goals. By breaking down your goals into smaller, more manageable chunks, you will be able to stay focused and prioritize the tasks that matter most.

Now that you know how to set and achieve workplace resolutions quarterly, you are ready to make the most of the New Year. Whether you are a business owner, an employee, or a freelancer, setting and achieving resolutions in the workplace can help you maximize your potential and reach your goals.

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