David K. Burden Director of Recruiting,
Nonprofit Leadership

As The Newell Group’s head of the nonprofit division, David focuses on helping leaders and boards of nonprofit organizations live out their missions and steward their resources by finding the best executive talent. Before he became a nonprofit leadership recruiter, David’s first career was in higher education, as a professor and chair of history, with appointments in Ohio, Texas, Indiana, and South Carolina as well an appointment as Fulbright Hays Fellow to Mexico.

David is originally from New Hampshire, Ohio but now calls the South home. He and his wife, Abby, have two active children, Nathanael and Anna Rose. He tolerates their cat, Harry, and regularly brings Sally, a Boston Terrier/Boxer mix, to visit the office every Wednesday. In his spare time, David enjoys volunteering to support local human and social service agencies through his parish’s nonprofit partnership program. His claim to fame is as a co-recipient of the 2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year.