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I’m a Job Seeker: Should I Work with a Recruiter?
Should I work with a recruiter? When I speak with candidates, I’m often asked this question and it’s ...
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Should You Invest Money in Your Job Search?
A big part of my job is networking with job seekers. Sometimes I’m calling to share a particular ...
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How to Spot Company Culture
Company Culture: 3 Tips for Uncovering it During the Interview Process
How do you define company culture? I like to define it as the collective attitudes and behaviors of ...
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is a cover letter still important
Is a Cover Letter Still Important?
It’s tough enough to craft your resume to make it through an applicant tracking system, let alone whip ...
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finding the right opportunty
4 Tips for Finding the Right Opportunity
Whoever said, “Applying for jobs is a full-time job,” was absolutely correct. Finding the right opportunity isn’t easy ...
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job hunt
How to Prepare for the Job Hunt in 2021
There is no denying that last year changed the way people job hunt, and where/how companies look for ...
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secret job search
The Name of the Organization: Why Recruiters REALLY Keep it Private… at First
“This recruiter called but they won’t tell me the name of the organization. What’s up with that?” This ...
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Beware the "Fly By Night" Recruiters
Beware the “Fly By Night” Recruiters
We have all seen the pop-up shops on the side of the road – or the truck parked ...
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3 Things I Learned from My Career Change
3 Things I Learned After My Career Change
REWIND: On Friday, April 8, 2016, at 4:30 in the afternoon my “new” manager walked into my office ...
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